Why Do I Need an Attorney Experienced in Fire and Explosion Cases?

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If you’ve been involved in a fire or explosion or have a loved one who’s been involved in one of these types of cases, it’s important to get an attorney involved who has handled some of these kinds of fire and explosion cases in the past. The reason being is those attorneys are going to know the experts that they need to get involved to be able to investigate the scene and hopefully secure the evidence that they need to prove a case against—it could be a gas company, it could be an electrical company, it could be a mechanic or a maintenance person who has done something that has disconnected a pipe. All of these are potential sources and trying to figure out exactly who did that and what happened is always a key piece of a fire and explosion case.

So again, having an attorney who has that experience to know what to look for and hopefully have an expert who is able then to do the fire investigation, hopefully alongside local fire or police and find out exactly what happened, that’s a key to hopefully recovering financial damages for what usually is a very significant injury.

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