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Truck Accidents

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A large truck can outweigh a passenger automobile by several tons. When a large truck or semi-tractor trailer is involved in a road accident, there is a significantly higher probability of serious injury and death. Truck accidents can devastate lives, but you do not have to face this tragedy alone. The team at Wilson Kehoe Winingham have experienced Indianapolis truck accident lawyers here to help you navigate the process.

Who Is to Blame for a Truck Accident?

In an auto accident, determining the party at fault is generally straightforward, based upon what happened. In a truck accident, deciding who is liable can be more complicated, which is just one of the reasons you should consider hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer.

For example, was the truck properly maintained? Was the driver overtired or overworked? Did the driver receive adequate training? Were there other indications that the driver should not have been behind the wheel? Was there a hazard on the road? Does the driver own their truck, or are they an employee of a trucking company?

Depending upon the cause of the truck accident, the party at fault may be the driver, the truck manufacturer, or even the trucking company. An experienced truck accident attorney can help determine who is at fault for your injury.

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