Why Are Fire and Explosion Cases Difficult to Litigate?

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Fire and explosion cases are difficult cases to pursue for attorneys, primarily because you’re dealing with a very extensive damage site. When a fire and explosion does occur in a home or at a work site, you’re left with debris—a lot of times, debris that’s been heavily damaged. So one of the first things and most important things about pursuing one of these cases is to get an expert involved, and Wilson Kehoe Winingham has worked with experts—fire and explosion experts—on many cases before, and getting the right expert in to be able to diagnose and do forensic work to try to find out exactly what caused the fire and explosion can be very important.

On top of that, these cases sometimes can be very expensive to pursue, and it takes a lot of expertise and a lot of knowledge so that you don’t spend a lot of time wasting money and effort on things that don’t need to be looked at but instead focusing your attention and efforts on the actual cause of the fire or the explosion.

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