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Riding a bike for leisure or commuting is a great way to get from place to place. However, cycling does come with its own set of risks. Bicyclists share the road with vehicles. That’s why decreasing the risk of a bicycle accident takes the whole community.

Bicycle riders face risk of injury from a variety of sources. Crowded city streets are ripe for collisions between bicyclists, pedestrians, and motor vehicles. Even in less-populated areas, bicyclists are still at risk for serious injuries. Bicycles may be struck or run off the road due to low visibility or impatient and careless automobile drivers. Unfortunately, bike accidents involving motor vehicles are far more frequent than accidents involving pedestrians.

Bicycle accidents are scary. They can lead to major injury and even fatality. If you or a loved one are involved in a bicycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, talk to your Indianapolis bicycle accident lawyer at Wilson Kehoe Winingham. We are here for you every step of the way—and beyond—as you recover from the harm done to you in your bicycle accident. 

Bicycle Accident Statistics and History

According to the Indiana Crash Facts, 741 pedalcyclist collisions occurred in 2019. 14 bicyclist fatalities occurred in 2021 according to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, and 70-80% of fatalities resulted from head injuries (U.S. Department of Transportation, 2019).

Bicycle accident law first required the use of helmets in 1986 in California. For more details about Indiana’s specific bicycle accident laws, review Indiana Code Title 9, Article 21, Chapter 11 and our bicycle accident statistics page.

Potential for Severe Injuries

Sometimes, bicycle accident injuries have long-term or even permanent physical and emotional effects that may require expensive treatment and rehabilitation. When a cyclist is struck by a motor vehicle, there is a high possibility of severe injury. Bicycle accident injuries may include:

At WKW, we have a registered nurse on staff to provide medical and legal expertise concerning the nature and effects of bicycle injuries. We use this medical knowledge in combination with our experienced trial attorneys to gain a thorough understanding of the unique medical and legal issues involved in each case. Let us put our team of professionals to work for you.

Talk with your bicycle accident attorney at WKW about options for pursuing your case. Working with us means you will be well taken care of after your accident. Our legal team and medical resources are here to support you through this trying time so you can focus on your recovery. 

Bicycle Accident Causes

Cyclists often share the road with large vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and semi-trucks. People inside automobiles are protected by the vehicle itself, whereas bicyclists are exposed with minimal protection. 

Helmets are essential for a cyclist’s safety, but they only provide so much protection against collisions with heavy vehicles. That being said, it’s still extremely important to wear your helmet; every piece of protection helps and could mean the difference between a temporary concussion and a permanent traumatic brain injury.

One of the primary causes of bicycle accidents is collisions with drivers. These collisions are often the result of:

  • Distracted driving. Whenever a driver is concentrating on anything other than the road, they are considered a distracted driver. This could be anything from texting to changing the radio station to eating or to talking with the person in the passenger seat. If the driver’s attention is not on the road, then they can’t be attentive to the cyclists they are sharing the road with. The results can be devastating
  • Speeding. Speeding is an act of reckless driving. There are many scenarios in which speeding can cause bicycle accidents. Maybe the driver is going too fast to notice the cyclist. Maybe their speed does not allow them to avoid a biker on the shoulder. This type of carelessness can lead to bicycle accidents
  • Opening a door into a bike lane. Too often, a passenger or driver will be next to a bike lane and impede traffic by opening a door into the bike lane. Typically when this happens, the bicyclist cannot stop. The cyclist will run into the door, causing injury. 
  • Disregarding traffic laws and signals. Bike accidents happen when reckless or distracted drivers disregard traffic laws and signals, such as fully stopping at a stop sign or running a red light. This is not only illegal but also frequently results in bicycle accidents. 
  • Illegal turns. As the name says, these kinds of turns are illegal. Additionally, when drivers make illegal turns, bikers may be in their blind spot or the driver may not see them at all.

All too often, drivers are simply not patient enough to give cyclists the right-of-way. Vehicle drivers and cyclists share the road. When cyclists do not move as fast as cars—which is almost always—many drivers get impatient and rush. If the drivers are not careful, bicycle accidents can occur.

Check out WKW’s bicycle safety tips for both drivers and cyclists. 

Bike Safety

Harmony between bicycles and larger vehicles sharing the road requires a group effort. Riding a bike is a great option for both exercise and commuting, but again, it has inherent risks. 

You cannot control others’ actions, and accidents do happen—particularly when bikes meet automobiles. So here are some safety tips to help keep yourself safe and aware when riding a bike on the road:

  • Always wear a helmet; safety should be your number one priority.
  • Follow the traffic laws.
  • Make sure to motion when turning using hand signals.
  • Stay focused.
  • Be respectful on the road.
  • If riding with or around other cyclists, ride in a single-file line.
  • Use reflectors. 
  • Wear bright clothing
  • Attach a horn or bell to your bike.

Bike safety must be your top priority when riding on the road. Many times, if you have been involved in a bike accident, it seems that fault is easy to place on the driver. However, bicycle cases can get complicated quickly. So take all of the necessary precautionary measures to make sure that accidents can be avoided.

What Does a Bike Accident Lawyer Do?

Your bike accident lawyer at WKW will be by your side every step of the way during the legal process. Bicycle accidents are traumatic in more ways than physical trauma, which is why we want to make sure that you are fully compensated. 

Our team is equipped with the resources necessary to conduct a thorough investigation. We will work with you to build your case and hold the person responsible accountable for their actions. We will seek to recover damages and losses and take your claim to court if that’s what we believe is the best course of action. 

While you recover, we will focus on ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. Securing the financial stability you are entitled to is your right after suffering due to someone else’s negligence. 

WKW will put all of our efforts into collecting evidence, building a strong case, and fighting for your justice. Knowing the experienced team at WKW is fighting for your financial security allows you to focus on healing.

Types of Bicycle Accident Compensation

When you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, your life gets altered unexpectedly. The severity of your accident will be a determining factor for the type of compensation you can recover. Click here to explore our bicycle accident case results page.

Talk to your Indianapolis bicycle accident lawyer at WKW about your unique case to see what compensation you are entitled to. We work hard to get our clients the maximum amount of compensation they deserve. 

Pain and Suffering

Suffering physical pain can completely change your life. You can get compensation for the pain and suffering you have to endure on behalf of someone else’s reckless, negligent behavior. 

In addition to physical pain and suffering, you may also experience a change of lifestyle that negatively affects your mental and emotional wellbeing. If your suffering goes beyond physical impairment, we can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve. 

Talk to your WKW bicycle accident attorney today about how we can help you. We want to make sure that you are compensated for any present and future suffering.

Medical Bills

Your injuries following a bicycle accident can range from a few small scratches to severe trauma—or even death. Medical bills can start to pile up. Even transportation to the hospital is costly. 

Medical bill compensation can include:

  • Doctors visits
  • Medical transportation
  • Physical therapy
  • Hospital bills
  • Medication 

Your safety should be your number one priority. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, seek medical aid immediately. Even if you do not feel or see an injury, it’s best to still seek medical attention because the body can sometimes go into shock. Seeking medical attention is the best way to determine if you have a concussion or any internal bleeding, among other physical ailments. 

And remember, any time you go to the doctor or have a hospital visit, keep notes and any bills. This will come in handy when building your case and a timeline.

Lost Income 

After an injury, it is highly possible that you will not be able to work, which means that you will not be paid for a period of time. Having the costs of medical bills, in addition to your usual expenses, can be stressful, to say the least. 

After an accident, you should have the time necessary to make a full recovery. Here at WKW, your bike accident lawyer can present the evidence and facts necessary to make up for the lost income. 

Bike Accident Law on Statute of Limitations

Bike accident law about when you can pursue a claim or lawsuit is the same as the personal injury statute of limitations. You have two years from the date the bicycle accident occurred to file a claim. 

Even though you have two years, building a case takes time. So it’s ideal to talk to your WKW bike accident injury lawyer as soon as possible so we can start doing research and building a strong case. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to collect evidence and statements. 

However, if you do not reach out to us right away, don’t let that deter you from pursuing a claim if you are still within the two-year statute of limitations. Reach out to your personal injury, bicycle accident attorney to learn more about your options for getting compensation after an accident.  

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Understanding your rights as a bicyclist and recovering the losses you’re entitled to can be simplified by working with an attorney with extensive experience in personal injury law. If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident, we urge you to contact the Indianapolis bicycle accident attorneys at Wilson Kehoe Winingham. We can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

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