What Are Common Injuries Sustained in Fires and Explosions?

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Common injuries in fires and explosions may seem obvious. Burns are the number one type of injury that we see from these types of cases. Burns can vary in severity, but usually in an explosion or fire, the burns can be very severe, even third-degree burns, and these burns typically require an extended period of recovery and unfortunately sometimes a very painful period of recovery for patients. It can include things like skin grafts, debridement, all different types of procedures hopefully to get new skin to take and to grow. Unfortunately, sometimes there’s some very significant scarring with these patients and with these clients, so it’s important to get an attorney involved on these types of cases to try to find out exactly what caused the fire and hopefully lead to some type of financial recovery that can help not only with a medical recovery, but hopefully with the financial recovery as well.

However, burns are not the only type of injury that we see in these fire cases and explosion cases. Almost just as common, clients will have concussions, they will have significant orthopedic injuries, and usually these are caused by the blast of the actual explosion and sometimes debris actually falling on individuals. Again, this is a very significant injury and usually a case that warrants a very in-depth look at trying to figure out exactly what caused the fire or the explosion, and again with the goal in mind of hopefully helping people recover financially.

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