Birth Injuries Case Results

Case Results

Case Attorneys Results
Newborn Suffers Hypoglycemic Brain Injury Bruce Kehoe,
Emily Chimenti
View Settlement
Infant Suffers Birth-Related Brain Injury as Result of Hospital’s Negligence Bruce Kehoe View Settlement
Pitocin Birth Injury Bruce Kehoe View Settlement
Failure to Manage Normal Birth After Failed C-Section Bruce Kehoe View Settlement
Failure to Recognize Fetal Distress Bruce Kehoe View Settlement

Birth Injury Case Results

Wilson Kehoe Winingham’s birth injury case results showcase our track record of success representing Indiana residents. Birth injury lawsuits differ from typical personal injury lawsuits because the plaintiff often pursues damages on behalf of a minor or infant. This changes the way settlements are paid out as well as the value of the settlement.

Birth Injury Lawsuit Settlements

Even if we could accurately determine the average value of an Indianapolis birth injury lawsuit, it would not help us assess the value of your individual case. Each different type of birth injury causes a variable amount of harm and leads to different compensation. 

Instead, we advise you to contact a  Wilson Kehoe Winingham lawyer for a free case evaluation. We will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate of what you stand to benefit once we know the specifics of your situation.

Medical Malpractice Settlement Limits in Indianapolis

In Indiana, there are financial limits on the damages that can be rewarded for medical malpractice lawsuits. There is a $1.8 million cap for Indiana medical malpractice claims on or after July 1, 2019. The liable healthcare provider is only liable for the first $500,000, with the remaining $1.3 million paid out by the Indiana Patient’s Compensation Fund

Settlement vs. Trial

The extent of the claim is one of the factors that frequently determines benefits. A case that is settled before it goes to trialis usually less expensive than one that goes to trial. The majority of cases settle because going to trial is arduous and expensive. It also puts the plaintiff at the discretion of a jury or judge who may decide not to give you any benefits. 

With that said, the lawyers at Wilson Kehoe Winingham are experienced in taking birth injury cases to trial and prepare each and every case as if it is going to trial.

An experienced medical malpractice lawyer can help you determine whether a trial or settlement is the right choice. 

Suing a Hospital or Doctor

Pursuing legal damages from a medical facility or professional for birth injuries can be difficult as there are assumed risks for many of the procedures they perform. There is never a guarantee that surgery or treatment will work. Just because something fails, does not necessarily mean you have a case for compensation.

When filing a birth injury claim, you must clearly demonstrate that the accident occurred due to the defendant’s negligence. Hospitals will often have a dedicated legal team to try and minimize the amount they are expected to pay. When taking on consolidated professional entities, you must have an experienced birth injury lawyer familiar with the relevant laws and procedures.

Our Birth Injury Case Results

Browse Wilson Kehoe Winingham’s birth injury case results to see how we’ve helped Indiana residents in the past. The different settlement values and the different types of birth injuries represent our medical malpractice experienceOur Indianapolis medical malpractice lawyers can provide legal counsel to help you recover from a birth injury accident.

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