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Aircraft crashes are more common than you think and can involve private, military, commercial airplanes, and helicopters. Sorting through the issues of poor flight planning, piloting, weather, air traffic control, and product failure requires extensive litigation experience in aviation.

The staff at Wilson Kehoe Winingham includes an experienced pilot. Bruce Kehoe holds a private pilot license and has owned and operated numerous types of twin- and single-engine aircraft over his many years of flying, including a Cirrus SR22, Piper Saratoga, and Piper Seneca II.

All of this experience and knowledge means our team is uniquely qualified to help you with any type of aviation-related personal injury case.

Aviation Accident Causes

There may be many different factors surrounding an aircraft accident, including those listed below:

Faulty Equipment

An airplane component failure or a part that does not function as designed can cause an aircraft accident. Landing gear that won’t deploy, an engine oil system leak, or a metallurgical weakening of a fastener can lead to accidents. For example, if the landing gear doesn’t deploy properly, there may be an accident.

FAA Regulation Violations

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has certain requirements that must be followed during a flight to prevent accidents (e.g., the “Sterile Cockpit Rule” prohibiting non-essential activities during essential flight phases). Failing to adhere to these rules can cause aviation accidents.

Pilot Errors

Pilot errors happen when a pilot who mishandles the aircraft causing a stall and spin or fails to avoid unsafe weather situations can lead to accidents.

Problems in the Design or Structure of an Aircraft

If a defective part that was incorrectly manufactured or designed malfunctions or doesn’t work, the plane could crash.

Flight Mechanic Negligence

A mechanic that fails to tighten fastener, runs wires incorrectly, or doesn’t properly balance the flight controls can cause an aviation accident. Federal Air Traffic Controller negligence: The individual responsible for providing the necessary communication during flight could fail to give proper information about weather or other planes, resulting in a crash.

Finding the cause of an aviation crash takes experience and attention to detail. The aviation attorneys at Wilson Kehoe Winingham dig deep to uncover what happened to cause a crash which may involve interviewing witnesses, inspecting aircraft wreckage, and reviewing air traffic control data.

Pursuing Compensation After an Airplane Accident

Whether it’s commercial or general aviation, you typically get on a plane with the expectation that you will land safely back on the ground. The flight team, plane manufacturer, and all other involved personnel have a duty to keep you safe.

For those involved in a plane crash, there will likely be severe—if not fatal—injuries. If you were hurt in an aviation accident, or your loved one was killed, you should contact an airplane accident lawyer as soon as possible.

Airplane Accident Liability

If you choose to pursue damages from the liable party after a plane crash, there are multiple parties that may be held responsible. You may be eligible to receive compensation from the following:

  • The pilot. If the pilot’s negligence caused the accident, they may be held liable.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration: It is the FAA’s job to help guide aircraft through controlled airspace and provide accurate information to the pilot. Failure to do so may provide the basis for a Federal Tort Claim.
  • The plane owner. The owner of an aircraft has obligations to ensure it is properly maintained and has passed FAA inspections. If an aircraft is not in a safe flying condition, the owner may be liable.
  • The plane manufacturer. Aircraft manufacturers must follow strict guidelines when designing and manufacturing airplane components. There is very little room for error and any part failure on an aircraft in-flight can have devastating consequences.
  • The repair facility. There are very strict regulations for plane maintenance which must be followed by anybody who works on the aircraft. If the guidelines are not followed, the people or company in charge of repairing the plane may be liable.

No matter who is liable, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries and suffering.

What to Do After a Plane Crash

When it comes to a plane crash, determining fault is not always easy. While an aircraft’s black box can supply invaluable information, uncovering what happened can be a long and difficult process. It is important to hire experienced aviation attorneys to help understand the law and how it may be used to recover after an aviation accident has occurred. Hire a plane accident lawyer in Indianapolis to help guide you through this difficult process.

What Can an Indianapolis Airplane Accident Lawyer Do for You?

The airplane accident attorneys at Wilson Kehoe Winingham will do what it takes to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Our team will investigate the details, talk to potential witnesses, and attempt to determine who was responsible for the crash. We can also connect you with local professionals who may be able to provide services you need.

Airplane Crash Statute of Limitations in Indiana

Time limits do exist for filing airplane crash lawsuits. After a certain window, you will lose any right to recover compensation from those responsible.

More often than not, an aviation accident will be categorized as a personal injury case. In Indiana, the statute of limitations on personal injury and airplane accidents is two years from the date of the accident. There are certain exceptions depending on where the airplane crashed.

If your loved one dies as a result of a plane crash, you may be eligible to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. To recover damages for wrongful death, you must file a claim within two years of the person’s death in Indiana, but shorter statutes of limitations may apply if the plane crashes in a state other than Indiana.

Experienced Aviation Accident Law Firm

During the investigation of an airplane crash, our pilots often fly the same flight path as the one in question in a similar aircraft to better understand potential causes and develop the strongest possible case. Their knowledge of aviation is a tremendous advantage in pursuing a claim for damages.

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