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Wilson Kehoe Winingham has handled a number of these types of cases before, and they’re all very interesting and unfortunately very tragic as well. But some of the cases that we’ve been involved in have dealt with uncapped gas lines. So inside a home, there may be gas lines that have gone to a dryer at some point in time, and maybe the dryer has been removed and the gas line was left open and not capped, and if the valve gets turned, gas can enter the home without people knowing that then can lead to an explosion. There have been cases involving underground breaks, so gas lines that have broken underground either from being too old and not being replaced or actually having somebody move some earth and actually break a pipe that then led to an unknown leak that led to an explosion at home, as again gas can leak and seep underground into homes. These are some of the cases that have dealt with explosions.

We’ve also had cases outdoors involving explosions, including gas fuel trucks filling up at gas stations where vapors weren’t properly secured and vapors were allowed to leak out and unfortunately cause a very massive flash fire. There have been fire cases inside of homes that Wilson Kehoe Winingham has handled, including cases involving electrical problems that have led to faulty wiring that have then caused fires in homes.

So these are just a little taste of some of the cases that we’ve handled at Wilson Kehoe Winingham, and it’s always an interesting part of our job and something that we really enjoy, especially trying to figure out what happened and then also knowing at the end our goal is to help people.

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