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Explosions Rock Indiana Towns

Updated February 28, 2019 | By Wilson Kehoe Winingham staff

Several industrial and residential explosions have occurred in Indiana in recent weeks, leaving one person dead and several injured. To prevent explosions, t’s crucial for people safety above all else—both at home and at work, especially when there is a risk for something as dangerous as an explosion.

Grain Elevator Explosion Injures Two

In the small town of Francesville, a grain elevator exploded in late September, sending two workers to a burn ward in critical condition. Fortunately, no one was killed, and the damage from the explosion was limited. The cause wasn’t immediately known, and three different groups are investigating. Suspicions of the cause included gas or dust, which has often been at the root of grain elevator explosions in the past.

Gas Explosions Ruin Residential Structures

In Noblesville, a nearly completed new home was demolished by an explosion that was traced to a natural gas leak at the furnace. Construction on the home was close to being finished, but photos show that after the October explosion, the structure was a total loss. There was luck once again in this case, as the explosion occurred on a Sunday afternoon and no one was present during the incident.

Unfortunately, a house explosion in Kosciusko County in August did not have the same kind of fortunate outcome. The owners were home at the time of the explosion, which left a woman dead and her husband in critical condition. Fire investigators determined last month that the explosion was probably caused by a natural gas leak in or around a clothes dryer and that an electrical service panel provided the spark that ignited the gas. The destruction in that explosion was so intense that a report described the house as having been “obliterated.”

Every Accident Has a Cause

Many accidents, including those that happen in the home, are not random events without a cause. In many cases, what we think of as an accident is actually the end result of a chain of events set in motion by the reckless or negligent actions of another party. It’s true that some victims cause harm to themselves by their own actions, but it’s also true that many times someone else is to blame.

In the case of an industrial explosion, the cause might trace back to actions taken in violation of proper safety procedures. Improper maintenance might be the cause, or a lack of proper training or supervision. Workers or others injured in that situation may be able to hold the business liable for the costs of damage or injury.

In a residential explosion, the homeowner might not be at fault. A service line or appliance might have been installed incorrectly or an inspection not completed properly. In a situation such as the Noblesville explosion, the responsible party might be a contractor or even a utility company.

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