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Attorney Referrals + Co-Counsel

Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers

There are times when the best interests of your client means working with another law firm that has more experience in specific types of cases; greater familiarity with local laws, judges and juries; possesses the requisite legal credentials of a particular state; or which simply can provide additional and/or complementary resources that will maximize your opportunity for success. This is true whether you are referring a case to another firm, seeking co-counsel opportunities or as an out-of-state firm, simply looking for local counsel support.

At Wilson Kehoe Winingham, providing such support to law firms throughout the state and the nation is a large part of what we do. That is because our firm has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of Indiana’s leading practices in matters pertaining to:

  • Brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Automobile Crashes
  • Aviation Disasters
  • Truck Crashes
  • Birth Injuries
  • Product Liability
  • Insurance Bad Faith

However, our experience is not the only reason we are often asked to handle some of Indiana’s most high profile personal injury cases. Our firm utilizes a multidisciplinary approach that taps into the insight of a wide range of professionals, including an on-staff registered nurse whose input often proves instrumental in achieving successful outcomes.

We also recognize that every case referred to us is unique. In some situations, another firm may wish to serve as lead counsel, while in others; we are requested to fill that role. For some clients, the case may simply be handed off to us, while for others, the firm may wish that it be kept abreast of the case’s status every step of the way.

Our philosophy with respect to working with other attorneys is guided by two principles. First, we understand that every firm brings unique resources, perspectives and experiences to each legal matter. It is the blending of these collective strengths that can often make the difference in a case. Second, we appreciate the relationship a law firm already enjoys with a referred client and will always respect and honor that relationship.

If you would like to speak with us regarding a referral, a co-counsel relationship or local representation, please contact Bruce Kehoe or Bill Winingham at 800.525.8028.

Let us put our resources to work for you.

Articles For Attorneys

2017 Year in Review

Learn more about some of the cases we were able to resolve last year. Most of these cases were referred to us via our attorney referral network, which remains an integral part of our firm and the work that we do.

Download (PDF)

Recent Case Law on Social Network Site Discovery

With social media and social networking websites exploding in popularity, courts have been slow to catch up with the legal issues posed by discovery requests for information posted and stored on websites such as Facebook and MySpace.  There are currently only a scattering of cases across the country which have dealt with these issues.  At this point in time, rulings and their reasoning lack consistency, with different jurisdictions reaching various conclusions in this growing area of the law.  The following is a summary of how various jurisdictions have dealt with discovery requests for social networking site (“SNS”) media.

Download (PDF)

A New Approach To Sports Injury Cases

The Indiana Supreme Court has given us a new approach on how to address sport’s injury cases in Indiana. For a decade, Indiana has followed the “primary assumption of risk” doctrine.  After a decade of wandering rationales and outcomes, the Indiana Supreme Court has finally addressed the issue and, in so doing, has completely changed the way sports injury cases are to be analyzed in Indiana.

Download (PDF)

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