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Hiring an attorney can be an intimidating process. It’s usually going into uncharted waters and oftentimes going into a field that most people would never expect to be in. Nobody expects to be injured, and nobody expects to be hurt, so when these things happen it’s life-changing, and like I said it can be intimidating.

Here at Wilson Kehoe Winingham, the first thing that you would do is you would call the office and speak to a member of our intake staff. The member of the intake staff would get your information, hear a little bit about the case, and then bring that information to an attorney. After going over the information with the attorney, the attorney would call you and then schedule a meeting with you at a place that you’re comfortable with. Now, we’ve done meetings at our office, we’ve done meetings at Starbucks, at the client’s home, at the hospital. The key is to make you feel comfortable in this intimidating process, so we would go over and we would meet with you and talk to you about your case.

Part of hiring an attorney is getting advice, and the attorney would advise you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case—for example, whether there’s a strong case of liability, how your medicals look, how your case is sizing up—and then give you a recommendation on whether the case should be pursued or not. If you feel that the case should be pursued and there’s an agreement there, then you’d sign a contract and that attorney would be your attorney for the duration of the proceedings until there’s a settlement or until a trial.

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