How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Attorney?

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Many attorneys will do work on an hourly rate, or maybe they will charge a fee for what’s called a project type of a fee so for certain tasks you would charge a certain amount of money.

In the personal injury and medical malpractice area, most attorneys operate on what’s called a contingency fee arrangement. That means the attorney fee depends on the amount of money the attorney receives for you in terms of settling your case or arriving at a verdict. Typically, a fee might be one-third of the recovery, but sometimes it could be as low as 25 percent; oftentimes it might be as high as 40 percent or more, depending on the complexity of the case.

In addition, it costs money to make these cases go forward in the personal injury area. Oftentimes, the attorney will go ahead and pay the expenses up front—things like the cost of getting medical records, the cost of hiring expert witnesses, the cost of paying court reporters for depositions—and then if the case is successful, the attorney would get reimbursed out of the settlement or the verdict, and if the case is not successful, the attorney would not be reimbursed.

Every law firm does this differently. It’s a matter that can be worked out between attorney and client, so you would be wise to talk to an attorney about the various arrangements that can be made in these types of matters.

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