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How Can WKW Help Me After My Accident?

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Minthie Crowder: I was in a car accident. I was sitting at the stoplight, and a truck ran into me, T-boned me, slammed me into a signal light box. I was placed in the hospital. I had three fractures in my hip. My spine bone was cracked.

I left the hospital, and I went to rehab. While I was in rehab, a lady came in, and we were just talking. She said, “Oh! I know a good attorney.” She was telling me that the attorney helped her in a wrongful death suit. She gave me the number, and then I called Mr. Bill Winingham. He knew what he was talking about and went straight to the point. They made me feel that I had my life in their hands and that they could handle this for me, without me having to worry about if I’m going to get this or how long it’s going to take. Very useful gentlemen.

At first, they were working on retrieving the money for the car. They were very confident and made me feel like I’m in the right place with the right attorney. They had my back. Just let them roll with it.

Then, they explained to me before I signed the documents. And I didn’t know, because I had never been in an accident. So I asked my nephew who I was living with, “What does this mean, if they don’t get any money? Do I still have to pay?” Mr. Winingham reaffirmed that if we didn’t get any money, then I didn’t have to pay. They made me feel very comfortable.

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