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How to Choose the Best Indianapolis Attorney for Your Case

Updated February 28, 2019 | By Wilson Kehoe Winingham staff

You’ve come to a moment in your life that you never thought you’d experience: You need to hire an attorney. Many people have negative feelings about hiring an attorney, but that doesn’t have to be your experience. There are many great attorneys who are qualified to help you, but it also takes a bit of work on your part in order to ensure you find the best Indianapolis attorney for your situation.

How Attorneys Are Regulated

Attorneys operate under a strict set of licensure and conduct requirements, regulated by the state in which they practice and guided by the American Bar Association and American Law Institute. Although some states accept accreditation from another and thereby allow an attorney to practice in their state, in general, an attorney may only practice law in the state where they have been admitted to the bar. That can get tricky, and every now and then it is abused.

The same regulatory authority that enables an attorney to practice law in a particular state also may issue sanctions when an attorney steps over the line. These sanctions aren’t always publicly available (as when they address minor infractions and there’s no established pattern of inappropriate behavior), but often you can access disciplinary actions against an attorney.

Things to Check Before Hiring an Attorney

Before you hire an attorney, check out their credentials. You get one chance to succeed with your case, and if your attorney does not have the background, authority, or good sense and standing to properly proceed, you bear the brunt of those mistakes. If your attorney’s conduct derails your case after it has gotten underway—whether by failing to provide required information in a timely manner or blatantly acting outside the rules—it will be dismissed. Your only recourse in that situation is a malpractice suit against that attorney. Those cases are expensive and difficult, and they rarely result in the recovery you may have been awarded from your original case.

Here in Indiana, you can utilize the Indiana Roll of Attorneys to look up an attorney you’re considering or to help you find an attorney for your case. Enter a name, and you’ll see a page that provides the attorney’s license number, firm address, and any available information about disciplinary action.

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Your choice of attorney makes all the difference in how your case is resolved. You’ll want to talk with a few different attorneys before you choose one, and ou should always start your search for an attorney by reviewing credentials.

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