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July 1, 2019 | Truck Accidents |

A case arising from a truck overturning and crossing the center line on a Southern Indiana highway has been settled for a young man permanently injured in the crash. The truck that overturned had been overfilled with gravel and was speeding around a curve when it overturned and crashed into a delivery truck coming the other way. The “black box,” or data event recorder within the defendant truck, was obtained and downloaded by WKW and showed the truck was speeding when it entered a series of curves and then was still going faster than the recommended speed around the curve when the driver lost control.

Evidence was developed by WKW showing that the defendant trucking company had ignored the ongoing pattern of its trucks driving overweight on Indiana highways. The injured man suffered numerous leg fractures and was unable to return to his job as a route delivery driver. The case was settled following mediation and before trial. The damages that were claimed included future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and future impairment of earning capacity.

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