Who can be held responsible for a trucking accident?

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Who can be liable in a truck accident? The first and obvious person is the actual truck driver, but the inquiry doesn’t end there because most of the time truck drivers are operating the truck on behalf of someone else.

Typically the truck driver is an employee of the company that actually owns the truck.  In that situation it is the trucking company that is responsible for the safe operation of the truck. Even if you have a situation where a truck driver has not paid attention to the road in front of him and ran into somebody, that is a situation still where the trucking company is on the hook for the liability of that collision.

Sometimes there can be cases where maintenance is an issue, and there is an outside maintenance company or mechanic that has done some work on the truck or performed some type of inspection on the truck, and in those situations then the maintenance company or the mechanic can be held responsible as well for the collision.

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