What Are Common Causes of Truck Accidents?

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There are many different kinds of causes related to trucking accidents. Driver negligence is the number one cause of trucking accidents. When I say driver negligence, I mean, for example, a driver not paying attention, a driver running a stop sign, or a driver veering off the side of the road to cause a collision. So driver negligence is really the number one cause of any type of trucking accident.

However, there can be other causes related to a truck accident. For example, maintenance issues with the truck, like if the brakes are out of adjustment.

Also, if there is an issue with the loading of the truck. If the truck is improperly loaded or loaded too heavy, those kinds of things can also contribute to a truck collision.

Last but not least, the physical condition of the driver can sometimes be an issue. If the driver hasn’t had enough sleep, that can also contribute to the cause of a truck collision.

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