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Man Seriously Injured In Large Truck Accident

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Truck Accidents Truck Accidents

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Our client was traveling to Kentucky to pick up his wife. Upon approaching a flashing light intersection in which he had the right of way, a large truck waiting at the median to cross the highway suddenly pulled out in front of him. In attempting to avoid being trapped under the box section of the truck, he swerved and collided with the front tire of the truck instead. The crash caused multiple severe fractures in his left arm and left leg as well as other significant injuries. He was transferred to an Indianapolis hospital for operative treatment and later underwent bilateral total knee replacement surgery. Eventually, he was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital for physical therapy but continued to have pain and swelling issues that required several follow-up surgeries. He continues to experience symptoms associated with the accident, including swelling in his right foot that forces him to keep his leg elevated above his heart for several hours a day.

He ultimately sustained permanent injuries which prevented him from continuing his job at an oil refinery as a project manager and site lead. Wilson Kehoe Winingham clearly and thoroughly demonstrated the extent of our client’s permanent injuries as well as his substantial loss of income and was successful in obtaining a settlement before trial.

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