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Gas Can Explosion Seriously Burns Teenager

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A thirteen-year-old boy who was standing next to a camp fire while visiting a friend’s house suffered second and third degree burns over his arms, torso, and neck when another teenager picked up a plastic gas can and poured gasoline directly onto the open flames, causing the gas can to explode. The injuries were so severe that his body continued to burn for 72 hours after the incident, and he had to be put in a medically induced coma for 26 days. Doctors had to do relief cuts on his chest to relieve the pressure on his skin due to the swelling.

The boy underwent extensive physical and occupational therapy while in the hospital and after he was released home. He was required to wear pressure garments 23 hours a day for over a year and a half to help reduce scar tissue buildup, and the mental and physical toll on the boy, who was in seventh grade at the time of the incident, continues to be significant.

WKW’s clients originally brought suit against the homeowners, alleging a failure to maintain proper supervision over the minor children around the fire pit on her property, failure to maintain proper control and supervision of a dangerous condition, the fire pit, on her property, and failure to use reasonable care for the safety of guests on her property. The plaintiff also brought suit against the insurance company of the parents of the girl who poured gasoline on the fire. Both suits were settled before trial for a confidential sum.

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