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Can I fire my personal injury attorney?

You have the right to fire your personal injury attorney nearly any time during your case for any reason. Costs of Firing Your Attorney Any unused retainer fees must be …

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Should I hire a lawyer if I don’t want to go to court?

A lawyer may not be necessary when you fight a speeding ticket or head to small claims court. If you feel more comfortable with an attorney, it’s your choice to …

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Is the information I discuss with my attorney confidential?

The Duty of Confidentiality While there are some exceptions, the information you discuss with your personal injury attorney is confidential. Your attorney’s duty of confidentiality works to ensure that he …

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Can I Access My Child’s Settlement Money?

Accessibility of a child’s settlement money is dependent on who is awarded the money. The owner of the settlement is determined either in the settlement agreements or in the court. …

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Should I Try to Reach a Settlement Agreement or Go to Trial?

The decision to either settle or go to trial varies per case. The parties involved have a strong incentive to settle in order to avoid extensive legal fees and an …

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What Is the Difference Between a Verdict and a Settlement?

The difference between a verdict and a settlement is whether a legal dispute is resolved in a courtroom during a jury trial or outside of a courtroom between plaintiff, defendant, and …

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What Is a Summary Judgment?

A summary judgment is a decision made based on statements and evidence without going to trial. It’s a final decision by a judge and is designed to resolve a lawsuit …

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Should I accept a low settlement offer?

In most cases, the first settlement offer is low, and you have every right to refuse it–and you should. Before you respond to any settlement offer–whether high or low–consider these …

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What Are Special Damages?

If you file a personal injury claim and are awarded money, the compensation you receive is referred to as damages. There are generally two types of damages: special damages and …

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How do I get a structured settlement?

Structured settlement options are popular among personal injury lawsuits. If you’ve agreed on a structured settlement after winning your case, the money will be transferred from the defendant’s insurance company (or the …

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What is a demand letter?

If you’ve received a demand letter, it’s because someone thinks you’ve done something wrong and they’re giving you one last warning before taking legal action. Demand letters are often drafted by …

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Can I still get compensation if I’m partially at fault for my accident?

In the State of Indiana, you can make a successful claim even if you are at fault for the accident. Accidents happen to the best of us and, despite our …

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