Should I Try to Reach a Settlement Agreement or Go to Trial?

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The decision to either settle or go to trial varies per case. The parties involved have a strong incentive to settle in order to avoid extensive legal fees and an exhausting trial.

When it comes to your personal injury case, choosing whether to pursue a settlement or go to trial is a difficult decision. Consider discussing your case with a qualified attorney who can help guide you.

Why pursue a Settlement?

To reach a settlement agreement is the quickest way to resolve a legal dispute. When both parties agree to settle, they can spare themselves the time, effort, and money spent proving or defending their cases in a court room.

Most of the time, parties will settle civil disputes outside of court before they reach trial. If the defendant meets the financial proposal from the plaintiff, then the conflict can likely be resolved there. 

When Do Cases Go to Trial?

A case goes to trial when a dispute fails to resolve and both parties desire to continue pursuing the case. Taking a case to trial is taxing, expensive, and time consuming. A typical trial can last two or three months, while others can take years to resolve.

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