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Is the Information I Discuss with My Attorney Confidential?

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Updated February 20, 2020 | Legal Process |


While there are some exceptions, the information you discuss with your attorney is confidential.

Your attorney’s duty of confidentiality works to ensure that they may not reveal any information related to how they represent you. This duty covers anything you tell your attorney in private or that someone else shares in private.

What is Duty of Confidentiality?

Confidentiality is owed even if you’re not a retained client. Anything you share during a consultation is expected to remain private.

However, your lawyer can’t prevent someone from testifying in court if you had a case-related conversation in a situation where someone may have overheard the discussion (e.g., in public).

What is Attorney-Client Privilege?

Attorney-client privilege guarantees confidentiality between you, your lawyer, and their legal team. The privilege works to protect you and your attorney if they are faced with a legal demand to discuss secret information (e.g., a request for discovery or a demand that your lawyer testify under oath).

This privilege belongs to you. Your lawyer can’t waive or forfeit the privilege without your consent. Attorney-client privilege remains in effect even after your relationships ends.

Remember, though, that if you have the same conversation you had with your attorney with a third party, or if someone else was present during the conversation with your lawyer, you can forfeit the attorney-client privilege.

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