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Why Is It Important to Hire an Attorney with TBI Experience?

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When one has a traumatic brain injury, the early medical care can be very important to the outcome and the recovery. Correspondingly, it’s important to have legal involvement early as well, and hopefully with a lawyer, a law firm, a team of legal professionals who are accustomed to dealing with traumatic brain injury clients and their unique needs as well.

Very often, it is the lawyer and the lawyer’s team of professionals that in the beginning can even drive the medical care. If someone has had a concussion that isn’t really recognized and treated aggressively in the emergency room, they may be in need of a referral. They may be in need of just what kind of symptoms correlate with a concussive injury that is going to require some ongoing treatment. The early involvement of an experienced lawyer can be really important.

When you have a traumatic brain injury of a more mild nature, from the medical perspective, knowing the symptoms, knowing the questions to ask those in the household and those in the workplace, can really be critical in establishing the before and after picture, because even a mild traumatic brain injury can be quite impactful in someone’s life. It’s hard to get the information if you don’t know the right questions.

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