Truck Accidents: Why Legal Representation is a Necessity

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August 10, 2015 | Auto Accidents |

Truck accidents are a more complex situation than incidents between passenger vehicles. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the accident, there will be a formal investigation. State, local and possibly federal laws could be affected depending on where the truck originated and what type of cargo it was carrying.

There are more stringent rules for commercial trucks and their drivers than other vehicles. This is important because the potential for severe injuries and extensive damage is possible even in minor accidents. It benefits the driver of the passenger vehicle involved to stay informed of all of the investigations and to seek professional legal advice as well.

Trucking companies are aware of their risks and they will almost always have their own legal team advising them about any traffic incident. This helps to protect the company and keep their costs lower. Without legal assistance, those in the passenger vehicle may not receive the compensation necessary to cover their damages.

Approximately 500,000 truck accidents happen in the United States each year and about 10 percent of those result in a fatality. In almost 98 percent of the cases the fatalities occur to someone in the passenger vehicle. State by state statistics also reveal that the commercial driver is almost always considered at fault.

A personal injury lawyer familiar with the trucking industry can help the victims in the passenger vehicle by collecting the necessary information and evidence, filing suit before the statute of limitations passes and not undercutting what the client needs for compensation by settling too soon.

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