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Correlation Between Excessive Speeds and Truck Accidents

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Updated July 31, 2020 | Truck Accidents |


Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveal that 4,761 people were killed in crashes involving large trucks in 2017—a 9% increase from 2016—and that 72% of those fatalities were occupants of other vehicles.

It’s no surprise that crashes involving large commercial trucks like tractor-trailers and semi-trucks are different from collisions between two passenger vehicles. Size, stopping distance, weight, and cargo are all factors in the difference between large trucks and cars.

One thing you may not think about, though, is how semi-truck wheels can play a part in crashes.

Truck Tires Can Fail at Excessive Speeds

The tires of large commercial trucks are not designed to support excessive speeds. While speed limits in some states can go as high as 85 mph, reaching speeds higher than 75 mph significantly increases the risk of experiencing a road accident. If truck drivers go too fast, they can lose control of the vehicle.

Restricting Truck Speeds

Currently, there’s an ongoing debate as for whether commercial trucks and related vehicles should be equipped with devices that would restrict the maximum speed that they can reach. Opponents to the development of such devices have been arguing that tire producers should develop a new generation of tires that would enable large trucks to drive in excess of 75 mph without any risk.

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