Updated February 18, 2020

What Evidence Is Important in Wrongful Death Claims?

Clear evidence and well-maintained documentation are crucial to a successful wrongful death case. It is needed to prove what happened, who was liable, and what financial losses you and your family have suffered after the loss of your loved one.

An experienced wrongful death attorney can help you gather the necessary evidence to make compelling arguments in support of your claim. The lawyers of Wilson Kehoe Winingham can help you build a strong case.

What are some types of Wrongful Death Evidence?

The evidence you need to support your wrongful death claim varies based on the specifics of your case, but there are some items common among wrongful death claims.

Death Certificate

A death certificate provides a certified record of the victim’s cause of death, and it is verified by the coroner. In Indiana, you can contact the Indiana State Department of Health for copies of vital records, including death certificates.

Medical Records

If medical malpractice played a part in your loved one’s death or if the victim was treated by a hospital before succumbing to their injuries, secure their complete medical records as soon as possible. These records can include notes, test results, consultation records, evaluations, prescription information, or other healthcare documentation.

Police and Autopsy Reports

After an accident, police officers are often called to investigate the scene; if they do so, the officers will complete a police report and evidence documentation. Additionally, an autopsy may be necessary to determine the cause of the victim’s death. Both reports can help support your wrongful death case.

Pay Stubs and Tax Returns

Pay stubs and tax returns are necessary for your attorney to calculate the value of your wrongful death claim. Family finance records can account for lost wages and other damages.

Physical Evidence

A wide variety of items could fall under the category of physical evidence. Bloodied clothing, for example, can tell a story of the fatal accident, or the cause of death could be related to a surgical object left in the victim’s body after an operation.

Photographs or Videos

Both photographs and videos are powerful forms of evidence in any personal injury case. Most cell phones today have digital cameras that you can use to your advantage. When possible, make sure the time and date are stamped on the printed or digital files.

Witness Statements

Collect the names and contact information of anyone who saw the fatal accident or incident. Then, your attorney can interview them about what they witnessed, creating a profile of what occurred.

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