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Woman Loses Vision in Eye After Accident on Ice

Slip + Fall Accidents

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Slip + Fall Accidents Slip + Fall Accidents

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When a woman shopping on December 23 slipped and fell on an icy parking lot in Johnson County, she and her husband came to WKW attorney Bill Winingham for help. A lawsuit was filed against the property owner and the company responsible for snow and ice removal. Deposition testimony revealed a dispute as to the facts of the accident. The injured woman said that the lot was icy and had not been treated with salt or sand, other than the sidewalk area. The defendants claimed the lot had been salted and claimed the salting was even done by hand in between and under vehicles. The woman fell backwards on the ice and hit her head, causing retinal detachment in one eye with multiple tears, subsequent subretinal hemorrhage, recurrent retinal detachment, and permanent nerve damage in the eye. The woman eventually lost most of the vision in the injured eye. Calculations were made as to the total amount of medical bills and money lost from work, in addition to permanent impairment of function due to the eye injury. The case was settled following mediation, only weeks away from the scheduled trial.

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