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February 6, 2020 | Premises Liability |

This January, Bruce Kehoe and Kent Winingham secured a $602,125.60 verdict in Clinton County for their client—a 62-year-old pharmaceutical delivery person who suffered a severe femur fracture while attempting to make her regularly scheduled delivery to a nursing home in Clinton County.

During the three-day trial, Bruce Kehoe and Kent Winingham argued that the nursing home failed to provide safe premises for expected delivery personnel when it failed to protect a 6-foot-deep window well by grate, railing, or other means. As a result of this failure, WKW’s client fell into the unprotected window pit as she attempted to make her delivery of pharmaceuticals. Our client suffered a comminuted femur fracture as a result of her fall and was eventually removed from the window pit by the fire department over the course of several hours. She required multiple surgeries to address her femur fracture. Her injuries are permanent, and they have prevented our client from being able to work, perform regular activities of daily living, and continue her favorite pastime of dancing at the Legion on a weekly basis.

After three days of trial, the jury deliberated for hours before rendering a verdict for WKW’s client.

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