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Massive pileups on interstates or highways are newsworthy for a reason: They are scary and often catastrophic, and they can result in significant injuries and multiple fatalities. Being involved in a chain of events that leads to a multi-car accident is a driver’s worst nightmare, but it can happen to even the best and most careful drivers.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and want to get compensated for your damages, keep in mind that multi-car accident lawsuits can get complicated. Determining who is responsible is no simple matter, and neither are insurance issues surrounding multiple car accidents.

Get an experienced car accident attorney on your side to help you collect evidence, establish who is at fault, calculate your damages, and negotiate on your behalf.

Multi-Vehicle Crashes

When a chain of events in a traffic accident leads to a collision involving more than one vehicle, the crash is called a multi-car accident, a chain reaction car accident, or—in the case of several vehicles, often five or more—a pileup.

With cars being hit several times and from different directions and with more glass, metal, and leaking gas than usual due to the number of vehicles involved, it’s easy to see why multi-car wrecks are especially dangerous. They are more likely to cause serious injuries, extensive property damage, and fatalities than accidents with one or two vehicles.

Types of Multiple Car Accidents

Multi-car accidents can happen in a variety of circumstances, but these types of crashes are the most common.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end car accidents can quickly turn into multi-vehicle collisions, starting with two vehicles and growing as more cars get involved.

In one scenario, a driver could rear-end the car in front, causing the cars following to crash into one another. Similarly, a driver could rear-end another vehicle, and the leading driver could be pushed into the driver of the vehicle in front. Either way, a chain reaction could turn a two-car rear-end accident into a multi-car accident.

Highway Pileups

When vehicles drive at high speeds on highways or interstates, drivers following a crash may not be able to stop in time to avoid it. As the pileup of cars grows, it makes it more and more difficult for drivers to get out of the way.

These dangerous conditions can create multi-car wrecks that involve dozens of vehicles in one accident.

Truck Accidents

If a large commercial truck (like a semi-truck or tractor-trailer) crashes, it can hit several vehicles at the same time or even push smaller cars into others. The size and weight of the tractor-trailer  combined with the stopping distance of large trucks compared to passenger cars can lead to a catastrophic chain of events.

Intersection Crashes

Failing to yield at an intersection, driving through a stop sign, or running a red light may cause drivers to crash into other drivers—and the busier the intersection, the more likely it is that multiple vehicles get involved.

Causes of Multi-Car Accidents

Almost any accident can become a multi-car crash, but there are some common causes of car accidents that are more likely to involve multiple vehicles:

No matter the cause of the pileup, discovering which party is at fault is a key part of a car accident investigation.

How to Determine Who Is Responsible for a Multi-Car Accident

Chain reaction car accidents often involve multiple drivers, so figuring out who is at fault for the crash can be extremely complicated. Which driver acted negligently? If multiple drivers are at fault, how much responsibility do they share?

A thorough investigation is required to sort out liability after a multi-car accident. A qualified car accident attorney will analyze evidence from several sources, often with assistance from an expert witness, to determine who is at fault:

  • Skid marks, debris, and other elements of the accident scene
  • Video surveillance footage, if available
  • Witness statements, including drivers, passengers, and passers-by
  • Police reports
  • Vehicle damage and position

Building a successful auto accident lawsuit after a multi-car collision is difficult. Don’t go through the process alone. Find a legal team that is ready to be your advocate and fight for your rights.

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