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Car crashes are a leading cause of death for children under the age of 13 in the United States. To keep your child safe, it’s important to choose, install, and use the correct child restraint system.

Child restraint systems, such as car seats or booster seats, are based on age, height, and weight. All 50 states have child seat laws regulating these requirements. While these laws differ from state to state, they have something important in common: They require young children to travel in approved child restraint devices and older children to use adult safety belts.

Take a look at the car seat rules for the state of Indiana.

Indiana Child Car Seat Laws

In Indiana, child car seat laws require all child passengers under the age of eight to use child restraint systems in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Additional car seat age and weight requirements are as follows.

Rear-Facing Car Seats

Children under the age of one and who weigh less than 20 pounds must be restrained in a rear-facing child safety seat. Many newer seats can restrain a rear-facing child up to 30–35 pounds.

Keep your child in a rear-facing seat for as long as possible.

Front-Facing Car Seats

Children who are at least one and who weigh 20 pounds or more can be restrained in a forward-facing child safety seat with an internal harness system.

Children who weigh at least 30 pounds may use a booster seat, but Indiana troopers encourage parents to keep their children restrained in a forward-facing seat until they weigh at least 40 pounds.

Seat Belts

All children under the age of 16 must use a seat belt or other child restraint system, such as a booster seat, for their protection.

How to Install Child Car Seats

Child restraint devices can only work effectively when they are installed correctly. Unfortunately, according to the Indiana State Police, approximately 85% of child safety seats in the United States are misused.

After installing a child restraint device, check to make sure the seat does not move forward or side to side by more than an inch. You can also seek professional assistance. Most fire departments will look to see if the device is installed correctly. Additionally, many AAA locations offer the same service.

For the safety of your child, be sure your child restraint device is properly installed.

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