What Can I Recover If I Sue My Insurance Company for Bad Faith?

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Bad faith is tough to prove. As I explain in other videos, there are certain examples of bad faith, and bad faith is very specific in the cause of action. But the remedies are very expansive. Not only do you get consequential damages such as medical bills if you have a judgement against you, that’s paid off.

You also get damages for the anxiety and distress that you feel by being dealt with in a bad faith by the insurance company. That feeling of being left hung out to dry, that you’ve been denied coverage wrongly, that’s compensable. Not only that, but there’s something called punitive damages that are also assessed against the insurance company that you recover in part in order to deter the insurance company from acting that way again.

Finally, you are also entitled to your attorney’s fees, so if your attorney reserves a fee for representing you, the insurance company also has to pay for that.

So, as I said, although bad faith is very hard to prove, normally when you are able to prove it, the recovery is pretty expansive.

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