How Do Insurance Policies Apply to Golf Carts?

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Insurance policies and golf cart accidents are extremely complicated because they don’t follow traditional notions of common sense.

In some instances, they do. For example, if somebody is injured on your property or on your business while operating a golf cart, then your homeowners insurance or your business policy will, in all likelihood, cover you.

What gets a little bit more dicey is whether the person actually operating the golf cart and who injures somebody is covered by their insurance policy. Now, common sense would show that their automobile policy would cover them, but that’s not the case. A lot of people think that it does, but it doesn’t. That’s because automobile policies only cover automobiles, which are supposed to be used on public roads. You can get an extra rider, a portion of your automobile policy that will cover golf carts, but just because you have an automobile policy does not mean that you’re going to be covered for golf cart accidents.

The other arguable coverage would be your homeowners policy. But even then, that’s only usually going to cover you if you are a) operating somebody else’s golf cart on their property or b) operating your golf cart in something called an insured location that would usually be on your property or on a property that you are living in temporarily. If you own a farm or a kind of backyard that’s very large and you injure somebody there, you’ll probably be covered.

It really gets down to the facts of the situation, which is really the reason you need somebody to look at the case and try to decide whether or not you’re going to be covered.

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