What Are the Causes of Golf Cart Accidents?

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Usually, in golf cart accidents, there are two categories of causes of the accident.

The first category is in situations where golf is being played on a golf course. Usually in those situations, one golf cart will hit another, and somebody will be rear-ended just like in a vehicle. Also, the golf cart will hit a person, or a golf cart will flip or hit a tree while somebody is navigating the golf cart on a golf course.

The other category is when the golf cart is actually being used as an off-road or recreational vehicle being taken on trails, being taken in a backyard. In those situations, the most common causes of accidents are when somebody falls out of the golf cart or the golf cart hits a tree—usually branches hanging from trees—or when the golf cart tries to take a hill that’s too steep or tries to make a curve too quickly because they just don’t handle like vehicles do.

Usually, if not often, alcohol is a factor in golf cart accidents.

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