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Kate Clark: I chose Wilson Kehoe Winingham because I did do my research on Bruce Kehoe and found that he was one of the Super Lawyers for Indiana and that his track record was excellent. The whole law firm of Wilson Kehoe Winingham had a great track record with cases and the type of cases that they dealt with.

Carolyn Watts: By them being pilots, I felt that they were able to understand what I needed to assist me with my husband’s death on the airline.

Kate: My initial impression of Wilson Kehoe Winingham was they were very professional and, while being professional, they cared about me and my children and what was going to be the outcome of everything.

Carolyn: Everything was very relaxed. I had no problems. I think they prepared me very well for what experience I had to go through.

Kate: I never felt like I was pushed aside or that I wasn’t involved in every step.

Carolyn: They walked me through the process from the beginning to the end, filing all the papers that were necessary. I felt very comfortable with the information that they were giving me.

Kate: Bruce always had my best interests in mind. I just look at him almost like a father figure, because he led me through one of the biggest tragedies of my life and took care of everything. I hold Bruce in the highest esteem.

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