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Scott Kelley: I was at a truck stop parked in the sleeper, asleep. Another truck came in, didn’t set the brakes, rolled down the hill, and hit me. It knocked me out of my bunk.

I had some neck pain and some shoulder pain. Three days later, I finally made it to a doctor. They told me what was wrong: a neck injury and right shoulder injury. I contacted a workers’ comp attorney, and after talking with him for three, four, five, six months, he said he actually looked you guys up on the Internet, because you’re out in Indiana where the accident happened. He said I probably should give you guys a call. That’s when I called and started speaking with Bill Winingham.

When I met with Bill, he actually drove to Illinois to meet me. The accident happened in the state of Indiana, but I live in Illinois, so he came to Illinois to meet with me. The meeting went very well. He put me at ease and told me I had a good case. He took the case, and from then on, we went with it.

Since I’ve hired them, WIlson Kehoe Winingham, any time I’ve needed something, I could call them. They answered my questions, and they called me on a regular basis to let me know how the case was going. After my experience with WKW, I would recommend them to anybody. They treated me very well.

Any time I needed anything, I could pick up the phone and call. They would call me back and call all the time to check on me.

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