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What should you say to an insurance company after a car accident?

February 12, 2015 Automobile Accidents, Insurance Bad Faith

What should you say to an insurance company after a car accident?A car accident lawyer does more than just deal with filing legal papers after you’re in a car accident. They’re also there for advice on anything that deals with your case, including communication with those involved in your accident. Here at Wilson Kehoe Winingham, we’ve written blog posts about communicating (or not communicating) with certain individuals, or avoiding social media. Insurance companies really can’t be avoided.

While we always take over communication with insurance companies, chances are you’ll have to talk to them yourself at first. This is especially true when you have to report your accident to them. It’s something you have no choice but to do right after your accident occurs.

This might be a problem, because you may not have us as your legal team yet. It’s why being careful what you say is important when reporting your accident. What’s said could come back and haunt you later when you file a personal injury claim and potentially have a trial.

Being Cautious in What You Say to the Insurance Company

Our advice is that you should give simple answers to the questions given to you by the insurance company. Avoid adding any extra information that could be twisted by the insurance company. When you’re emotional about an accident, it’s possible you’ll want to expand on what happened. This could lead to statements you can’t take back because the insurance company records it.

You’re better off giving short answers, including a simple “Yes” or “No” rather than any elaboration. Emotional elaborating is very dangerous in the world of law, and it’s one reason why we tell our clients to stay away from social media.

Here’s a great guide that lists eight things not to say to insurance companies just after an accident. It’s important not to talk so soon after an accident that you’re still overwhelmed or scared.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, contact the personal injury attorneys at Wilson Kehoe Winingham. Not only do we have experience in handling cases involving serious injuries due to car accidents, but we’re experienced in dealing with insurance companies.

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