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Study Reveals the Most Common Times for Traffic Accidents

December 7, 2015 Automobile Accidents, Personal Injury

Study Reveals the Most Common Times for Traffic Accidents

The results of a 2012 Indiana traffic study show the most likely times for residents to get into a car crash on the states roads and highways. While certain statistics are unsurprising, others offer insight that can help people avoid becoming a statistic themselves.

Weekday Afternoon Driving Woes

Probably the least surprising finding is that collisions are most common during the weekday afternoon rush. Drivers at these times are often stressed and rushed, two factors that can lead to negligent driving habits. Factors such as following too closely, passing incorrectly and speeding tend to peak at these times. Driving defensively in the evening rush can help you avoid harm.

December tends to have the most crashes, although the reason remains unclear. Weather can certainly be a factor, as can the additional hours of darkness compared to summer months. For more findings from this study, go here.

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