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Keeping Kids Safe When Travelling in the Family Car

November 10, 2015 Automobile Accidents

Keeping Your Kids Safe When Travelling In The Family CarAs car accident lawyers, we see a lot of accidents. We also help families deal with the complications that occur after the accidents. Often, children get hurt. It is a parent’s job to keep their children safe when they are driving.

Here are some tips to keep children safe in the car.

  • Get your car seats installed by a professional (or at least checked). It is important that your car seats are placed in the car properly. If not, your children are more likely to be hurt in an accident.
  • Use appropriate car seats for your children. Depending on how old your children are and how much they weigh, depends on what type of car seat they should be in. Also, make sure that your child faces backwards as long as necessary for their safety.
  • Check car seats often to make sure that they fit correctly. Children grow constantly. You also have to think about whether or not they are wearing coats or are in plain shirts. That makes a difference in how tight the straps need to be.
  • Make sure your car seats are not expired. Car seats expire for a reason. Though you don’t need to get a brand new one, be sure to get a newer model.
  • Replace car seats if you are in an accident. Car seats are like helmets. If they’ve been involved in a collision, no matter how minor, they should be replaced. Most insurance policies will cover the cost of a new one.

It is important to use the correct car seat for your children. Then, check them regularly to make sure they fit your children. All car seats are different and can be confusing. If you question if it’s installed correctly, find a checkpoint and have it looked at by a professional.

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