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Indiana Traffic Study Reveals the Most Common Times for Car Accidents

December 13, 2016 Automobile Accidents

You get into your car at the end of a long workday and start your regular commute home. Although standard practice, did it cross your mind that this is one of the most common times for traffic accidents in Indiana?

The study took away the guesswork and offered a wealth of insight into what’s happening on our roadways. Although some of these statistics remain unsurprising, others offer important insight that can help you avoid becoming a statistic yourself.

Our Indianapolis car accident lawyers took the time to gather the key points that every Indiana driver needs to know.

1. Rush Hour Woes

Traffic accidents are more likely to occur during the weekday afternoon rush. Drivers at this time are often in a rush to get home, or to make it to an obligation after work. At the same time, drivers are still dealing with the stressors of the day. These two factors alone contribute significantly to negligent driving habits. Particularly dangerous driving behaviors are increased during this time of day, including:

  • Following other vehicles too closely, or “tailgating”
  • Passing incorrectly
  • Speeding

What’s more, there is a surge in the amount of traffic on the road during rush hour. This creates a recipe for more collisions. To avoid becoming a statistic, your best bet is to stay alert and drive defensively.

2. A Dangerous December

More crashes tended to occur during the month of December. This is largely to do with the increased holiday chaos, shorter daylight hours, and poor driving conditions.

Of course, weather plays a role as well. In the Midwest, December generally brings snow and ice, both of which can lead to poor driving directions. Also, drivers tend to be out of practice in December when it comes to driving in winter weather—since the season is just beginning—so accidents naturally become more common.

3. Location, Location, Location

With an increased population comes a greater chance of collision, no matter the time of day. It’s simply a numbers game. In 2012 there were 126,910 collisions in urban areas, while there were only 22,849 collisions in suburban areas and just 13,060 in rural areas.

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