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Category: Fires and Explosions

Explosions Rock Indiana Towns

December 12, 2016

Several industrial and residential explosions have occurred in Indiana in recent weeks, leaving one person dead and several injured. Here at Wilson Kehoe Winingham, we deal with personal injury cases …

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Protect Yourself: Learn the 4 Most Common Burn Injuries

November 6, 2016

Burn injuries are not only painful, but they have the potential to be extremely damaging. Depending on the burn, a victim could come away with extensive skin damage, internal injuries, …

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E-Cigarettes: Explosions and Personal Injuries

October 28, 2016

E-cigarettes have been adopted by millions of users across the world. They are designed to deliver fewer carcinogens to the body by releasing vapor instead of secondhand smoke. However, there have been many reports …

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Types and Causes of Burn Injuries

November 30, 2015

Burns are arguably one of the most painful injuries you can sustain. Between the high level of pain and the permanent disfigurement burns can cause, a burn injury can also …

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The Dangers of Making Homemade Fireworks

January 9, 2013

We recently read an article about a lucky individual who decided to make homemade fireworks. We say lucky because he and his wife escaped without injury, but the same can’t …

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Indianapolis Explosion Still Under Investigation

November 13, 2012

The cause of a deadly explosion on the South Side of Indianapolis on Saturday, November 10th is still under investigation. Public Safety Director, Troy Riggs said Monday morning that the …

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