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4 Common Reasons Car Accident Claims are Denied

August 19, 2015 Automobile Accidents, Info Articles

After an auto accident, you’ll need to contact your insurance company – particularly if the damage was severe or if you had to seek medical treatment for your injuries.

Unfortunately, insurance companies have the option of denying your claim. If they do deny it, they’ll likely tell you why. However, you may be left wondering if you could’ve done something differently or if you have any legal recourse.

Four Common Reasons Car Accident Claims Are Denied

There’s no way to predict what an insurance company will say about your claim until you file it, but when a company denies a claim, there are a handful of common reasons for their decision.

  1. Your accident was avoidable.

If you could have reasonably avoided the accident, or if your carelessness caused it, the insurance company may decline to pay your claim.

  1. You didn’t get treatment or have complaints at the time you were injured.

An insurance company may argue that if your injuries were a result of the accident, you would’ve seen a physician right after the fact. They may claim that they have no obligation to pay your claim.

  1. You don’t have a medical record of pain or injury.

If you did seek treatment but your medical record shows no injury and no report of pain, the insurance company may argue that you were not hurt by the accident.

  1. You have preexisting conditions that may have caused your pain or injury.

If you have a preexisting injury or condition, the insurer may argue that your condition, rather than the accident, caused your injuries and pain.

What to Do if You’re in an Accident

It’s important that you seek medical treatment immediately after any car accident. You’ll also need to make sure that your medical records are accurate; they can be crucial to your case if you’re entitled to compensation. In many cases, it’s best to work with an Indianapolis auto accident attorney who can evaluate your case before you submit any claims or speak with insurance adjusters.

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