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What damages should I expect from my cerebral palsy settlement?

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January 10, 2017 | Birth Injuries |

Any damages you may receive from a cerebral palsy settlement is almost impossible to know or calculate without the exact details of your case, and there should never be a price put on a child’s life. There is, however, a price on doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, specialists, tests, medications, and other medical treatment options. In general, damages could be recovered for medical expenses, rehabilitation or therapy costs, the cost of special education, counseling, any medical supplies that you need, home care costs, and pain and suffering.

Could a Life Care Plan Be Part of My Damages?

A Life Care Plan is something your attorney can draft. She will work with health and economic specialists as well as doctors and the facts of your case to come up with a document regarding your child and their CP care. It will estimate the cost and types of care your child will require over the course of their lifetime, adjusting for inflation. The amount of money laid out in the document is a good indicator of what the settlement for your case should be.

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