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Category: Birth Injuries

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Do I need a lawyer if my child has cerebral palsy?

Children with minor to severe cerebral palsy may require physical therapies and procedures, which can add up in cost. If you do in fact have a malpractice case, you aren’t the one responsible …

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What damages should I expect from my cerebral palsy settlement?

Any damages you may receive from a cerebral palsy settlement is almost impossible to know or calculate without the exact details of your case, and there should never be a price …

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Where can I find a cerebral palsy lawyer?

You can start looking for a cerebral palsy lawyer simply by online, or look for recommendations from friends and family. It’s possible that someone you know also knows a birth …

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What does a cerebral palsy lawyer actually do?

A cerebral palsy attorney’s job is to help your family receive compensation to cover your child’s care and expenses. What you can receive damages for depends on your case, but damages …

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