Updated July 31, 2020

The True Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes in Indiana

Thousands of crashes involving motor vehicles occur in the United States every day. These accidents lead to injury, property damage, and loss of life. However, another factor should be considered: the financial cost of motor vehicle crashes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), car crash deaths resulted in $44 billion in medical and work loss costs across the nation in 2013, and Indiana took approximately $1.07 billion of that figure.

Crash Costs

The breakdown of that $1.07 million in Indiana, which is from the last year the CDC had available data and is a combination of $10 million in medical costs and $1.06 billion in work loss costs, looks like this:

  • Motor vehicle occupants: $251 million (23%)
  • Motorcyclists: $145 million (13%)
  • Pedestrians: $119 million (11%)
  • Bicyclists: $17 million (2%)

By far, the most affected group of people in our state is the young adult demographic. As much as $461 million (43%) of the total $1.07 billion reflects car crashes across Indiana involving young adults (age 20 to 34). Adults between 35 and 64 make up $388 million (36%) of the cost, while teens, children, and older adults bring up the remaining $223 million (21%).

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