Indiana State Police Cracking Down on Traffic Violators

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June 18, 2012 | Auto Accidents |


The Indiana State Police Department has announced a new initiative to crack down on traffic violators in an attempt to find aggressive drivers who are breaking the law and, in turn, reduce the number of traffic accident and fatalities.

According to WTHR Indianapolis, the initiative involves officers on motorcycles, in helicopters, and using cars that aren’t as easy to identify as traditional police cars.

Traffic Fatalities

Summer months are popular times for family vacations and long weekend trips. With an increase in traffic and motorcycles on the roadways, it’s never a bad time to crack down on aggressive drivers and those committing safety violations.

Construction zones are more common during the warmer months. Most construction zones have a 45 mph speed limit, with speeders’ fines being doubled.

Indiana State Police Initiative

The Indiana State Police is hoping to slow down the number of traffic deaths with this recent initiative, specifically in rural areas. They’re not just looking for speeders but also those following too close, changing lanes without properly signaling, or driving too fast for weather conditions.

We applaud their efforts and hope this new initiative helps catch aggressive drivers whose reckless driving may endanger others.

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