What Are Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries?

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There are several different types of cases that we encounter that involve common causes of spinal cord injuries.

One of those is motor vehicle accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, that kind of thing. Oftentimes, these can also be cases that involve product liability types of claims. For instance, if a tire blows out, a vehicle rolls over, and a person is injured and has a spinal cord injury, that can be a case against the tire manufacturer for making a defective tire.

Sometimes when a vehicle rolls over, the roof crushes and causes a spinal cord injury. That can be a case against the manufacturer for having a defective roof.

Even though we say these are auto accidents, they’re really product liability cases in some situations.

Another common kind of a case would be a diving accident. For instance, somebody dives into a pool not realizing how shallow the water is, or somebody dives into a lake not knowing how shallow the water is, or maybe there’s a hard object at the bottom the person’s not aware of. They can strike their head on the bottom and get a spinal cord injury from that.

We also oftentimes have construction site accidents where people are working on a construction site, building a building or a home or some structure like that. Objects can fall from above onto the worker, striking them in the head and causing spinal cord damage. Sometimes, the workers themselves can fall into a trench or from a high place because there’s not proper safety equipment involved and get spinal cord injuries in that way.

These are a few of the common situations that we encounter in which persons have been injured by virtue of having spinal cord damage from these accidents.

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