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William “Bill” Winingham: I became a lawyer by starting as a deputy prosecutor in the prosecutor’s office and then became a U.S. attorney doing federal prosecutions. In doing that work, I learned that I really liked helping people who had been victims of a crime or victims of a wrongdoing. It was a great way to get started.

Bruce Kehoe: Lawyers and clients both know well of the credentials that Bill Winingham has demonstrated as a lawyer. What they may not know is what a wonderful partner he has been. Over the last more than 25 years now, he is just a model of integrity and consistency.

Bill: When I’m not working, I really like to things in which I can be active. I love sports. I always have since I was a kid. I run, I play basketball, but tennis is probably been the one sport that is most important to our family. Lorraine and I will get out and play oftentimes after work or on a weekend, and the kids all played competitively as juniors and have kept with it over time.

We have this great family unit. I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful wife and these four kids. That’s how I get my batteries recharged—just being with this family group as often as we can.

One thing that I’ve learned over time is that life can literally change in an instant. When those catastrophic events and injuries do occur, I’m proud to be part of a system of justice that holds companies and other accountable for what they did wrong and that provides compensation to people who have been injured, who need it for medical bills, for income that they’ve lost, and to keep their families going. It feels very good to be a lawyer and part of our justice system that can provide that kind of relief to people who are really in need.

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