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Bruce Kehoe: The youthful energy and enthusiasm that Kent Winingham brings to the table, when combined with that of Chris Stevenson and Jon Noyes, really gives us a great team with both experience and that energy that’s needed to advance our client’s needs.

Kent Winingham: Outside of work, I’m an avid sports fan. I love watching the Colts, love watching the Pacers. I love playing sports. I love being active. I like to play golf. I like to run. I like to run around the area I live in. I also like to just walk around with our dog and really be outside generally being as active as I can be.

Bruce: The Kent Winingham that I know is a competitor. He brings that same competitive edge to the needs of our clients.

Bill Winingham: Kent brings a big city litigation experience to our firm here in Indianapolis, because Kent started in Chicago.

Kent: Being in Chicago taught me how to be a little bit gritty. It taught me how to be a little bit of a grinder and taught me how to be resourceful.

Bill: Kent’s been to court a lot. He’s fought the lawyers. He’s had to get along with the judges. And if you can weather the litigation system in Chicago, then you can do the same thing in Indianapolis.

Kent: Coming back home and practicing law with my dad is something that is really special. It’s a unique opportunity that most people don’t get in their lives.

Bill: We talked so often over the years about our cases and, probably most importantly, about our clients. Kent has grown up knowing that, and it will serve him well as he joins our firm to have that background and knowing already quite a bit about what we do and how we do it here.

Kent: The thing I love most about being a personal injury lawyer is really getting to know my clients. When you’ve gone through the ringer of a trial or you’ve gone through the litigation process and you’re able to get justice for that person—those moments are really why you do it.

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