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Bill Winingham: Our goal is to do the absolute best job for each and every client that we can. We do this because we spend time with our clients, and we limit the number of clients that we have. That allows us to spend whatever time it takes on a case to achieve the absolute best result for that client.

We utilize the latest technology, from computer animation to advanced medical imaging to accident reconstruction, all to continually improve the strength of our cases.

In addition, we go out into the field to investigate the causes of accidents, never stopping until all possible avenues have been exhausted.

Bruce Kehoe: Restoring lives really is a mission statement in and of itself. Be it through our nurse consultants, our paralegals, our associate attorneys Chris and Jon, the mission remains the same. It really does say a lot about what our staff brings to the benefit of our clients.

Bill: My partner Bruce Kehoe and I have received several accolades over the years. This includes each of us having been named the Indiana Trial Lawyer of the Year. Also, this year and in years past, we have each been named to the Top 10 List of Super Lawyers in Indiana.

Bruce: We want our clients to have the best possible recovery and the best possible outcome, not just in the courtroom, not just in the settlement conference, but in their life.

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