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Bruce: What I’ve enjoyed the most about the practice of law is just the satisfaction of helping an individual and helping a family. Experience teaches you that the most important ingredient that you can bring to the table on behalf of your client is simply hard work and preparation. It’s not magic; it’s hard work and preparation.

Bill Winingham: Bruce Kehoe has a tremendous knowledge of medicine, and that’s a huge advantage in the work that we do here. Bruce used to be a physical therapist, actually graduated with a degree in physical therapy, and he worked as a physical therapist for many years. So he learned a lot about medicine in that field, in addition to the fact that for 30 years, Bruce has been representing injured people and doing medical malpractice work. That’s a very, very important attribute and a huge advantage for Bruce and the work that he does here.

Bruce: What I like to do in my time is what most of us like to do, and that’s to be at home and be with family. I have wonderful children, I have wonderful grand children, and my wife and I enjoy our home. We enjoy tremendously having our family out. Just shooting hoops in the driveway with the fourteen-year-old grandson is about as good as life gets. Just having preparation for a five year old’s birthday party next week for our beautiful granddaughter—it’s hard to imagine life getting any better than that.

Bruce: One thing you learn really quickly being a personal injury attorney is that it’s always about the client, and it’s not about the lawyer or the lawyers or even the judge. It’s the client and the client’s case and the client’s injury that is the most important part of any case.

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